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Jun 25, 2022

LLN (6/24/22) – It’s no surprise that Marty Ellis hears a lot of complaints about brokers. And he’s the first one to note that all brokers aren’t bad. But some of the situations he’s heard about recently from visitors to The Spirit are enough to make you wonder – including changing the rate for a load when the trucker is at the loading dock. Also, this is National Take Your Pet to Work Week, but for many in the trucking industry, taking your pet to work is a common occurrence. And there’s a particular kind of trucker who loves to pretty up their rig. And nothing will get them going like adding some good, old-fashioned chrome.

0:00 – Newscast.

09:55 – Take your pet to work.

24:48 – All that chrome.

39:21 – Broker problems – another chapter.