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Each day's show includes a newscast keyed to the most important and current issues in trucking, national and state legislative analysis, as well as longer pieces that cover everything from truckers' lifestyle to regulatory information.

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Oct 31, 2023

Congress is gearing up once again now that the House has a speaker. This means annual spending bills are on the move, which itself means some issues vital to truckers – such as speed limiters and automatic emergency brakes – are getting their day. Collin Long of OOIDA’s Washington, D.C., office fills us in. Also, 

Oct 28, 2023

Andrew King of the OOIDA Foundation stops by to share what its September report says about conditions in the spot market. Also, detention time is a real problem in trucking, and detention pay is one way to address it. But how do you get detention pay? Then, the stage is set for the second meeting of the Advisory...

Oct 27, 2023

After weeks of infighting and multiple votes, we finally have a new speaker of the House. So what does that mean for issues important to truckers? Also, winter weather has arrived in North Dakota, and now the state's highway patrol is giving advice to commercial motor vehicle drivers. FMCSA asked for comments concerning...

Oct 26, 2023

The ongoing United Auto Workers strike against GM, Ford and Stellantis is making headlines – but how is it affecting you? Jason Miller of Michigan State University explains. Also, what’s involved in tracking fuel taxes, and how do you avoid problems reporting them? Tom Crowley and Kristopher Synder of OOIDA’s...

Oct 25, 2023

A new bill has been introduced to Congress to tackle an issue of high importance to many truckers. It’s called the CARS Act. And for most Americans, paying taxes is a once-a-year affair in mid-April, made simpler by changes in tax laws over the past few years. But for those who are self-employed, it’s not all that...