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Each day's show includes a newscast keyed to the most important and current issues in trucking, national and state legislative analysis, as well as longer pieces that cover everything from truckers' lifestyle to regulatory information.

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Nov 21, 2023

Congress narrowly averted a government shutdown in a recent vote, but a longer-term problem remains. We’ll discuss what’s happening with government funding and how it could affect some important trucking issues. Also, the holiday season is upon us, and for some it can be a difficult time. We recently spoke with a licensed therapist about ways to handle the holidays for both drivers and their families. And alternatives do exist for both testing and treatment of sleep apnea. Dr. Kent Smith, an expert in the use of dental appliances to treat the condition, joins the program to explain what’s available.

0:00 – Newscast 

10:07 – Coping during the holiday season

24:50 – Alternatives for testing for, treating sleep apnea

39:29 – Trucking issues tied up in government funding battle