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Each day's show includes a newscast keyed to the most important and current issues in trucking, national and state legislative analysis, as well as longer pieces that cover everything from truckers' lifestyle to regulatory information.

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Aug 26, 2020

LLN (8/25/20) – Feeling vibration in your steering wheel is a sure sign that something is off, and your tires are suspect numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. We’ll offer the top four tips for troubleshooting tire vibrations. Also, Georgia is working on improvements to the flow of freight in that state, both by road and rail, while New Hampshire discusses flying cars. An effort to stop significant increases in truck insurance costs needs a boost. And one trucker role played a prominent role in the Republican National Convention.

0:00 – Newscast.

10:14 – Tire vibrations.

25:09 – Georgia freight flow; flying cars up north.

39:53 – Increasing insurance costs; trucker at the GOP convention.