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Each day's show includes a newscast keyed to the most important and current issues in trucking, national and state legislative analysis, as well as longer pieces that cover everything from truckers' lifestyle to regulatory information.

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Dec 30, 2021

LLN (12/29/21) – Winter weather has arrived. Dean Croke of DAT tells us how that’s affecting freight rates before breaking down the latest trends and numbers in the spot market. Also, getting a warning instead of a ticket can, through a kind of back door, affect your CSA, your Pre-employment Screening Program records, and other factors. Alex Clark and David Grimes of CDL Legal will offer some advice. And how to get something done in Congress is, to say the least, a fine art. And in recent years, it’s become harder and harder. So what do we expect them to do in the coming year? What are the opportunities for getting something of benefit to truckers passed? We’ll take a look ahead.

0:00 – Newscast.

10:03 – The problem with warnings.

24:40 – Winter weather and rates.

39:33 – A look ahead.